Dogfish Head Brew Pub in Falls Church

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a big fan of good beer. One of the more interesting breweries out there is Dogfish Head. They make beers that are more on the extreme side of things -- hoppy beers, fruity beers, strong beers, and surprising beers. They also have their own set of brew pubs where they team good beer with good food.

I had been to the one in Gaithersburg a few times in the past, but the word was they were opening one a few miles from where I live. Naturally this was great news for me, and I thought it would be a great excuse for a bike ride. My friend Brooks is a huge fan of Dogfish Head, and he agreed to join me on my two wheeled quest for delicious brew and grub.

Me at the Dogfish Head Brew Pub in Falls ChurchWe met up by my place and headed down the Mount Vernon Trail and connected on to the Four Mile Run Trail. From there we made the detour over the bridge over I-395 into Shirlington and met up with the WO&D trail. From there we connected by street over to the new Dogfish Head location.

Man did we have a good time. We went there in the afternoon and stayed until dinnertime. Along the way we befriended many of the wait staff, and even had one of them join us after his shift was over for a couple beers. After we had tried our fill of deliciousness, we headed back home with full stomachs and happy palates.

If you like beer and good food, it is highly recommended.