This morning as I was commuting in to work on my bike I saw a backup where there usually isn't one at 7th and Constitution Streets, Northwest. I noticed the tell-tale lights of a motorcade, an all-too-common sight here in the District, but then I noticed something very unusual.
Evidently there was a group calling themselves the "Grass March Cowboy Express" that was apparently en route to the Capitol protesting the Bureau of Land Management closing grazing areas in Nevada due to drought. Apparently they started their ride in California and have been taking highways on their way to DC. The Post has more information about it here.
All told, it held me up for about two minutes, but it was a great example of the many little things that make commuting by bike in DC a fun adventure. The cars nearby seemed quite unhappy at the brief delay, but I took the opportunity to pull out my phone and take some pictures as they passed.