Coffee and a "Squagel"

For my second Coffeeneuring trip I made my way to join some friends at the Crystal City Coffee Club that meets up on Tuesday mornings. I had packed an insulated mug of Swing's High Mountain to enjoy outside with the crew. Usually, they get together at the Crystal City Water Park just off the Mount Vernon Trail, but when I got there the park was empty. A friend rolled by just then and let me know that everyone was at the Cosi just a few blocks down the street taking refuge from the cooler temperatures that finally came after an abnormally warm Autumn. I would have to save my insulated mug's coffee for later -- I made my way down to Cosi.

The Crystal City Coffee Club Crew

When I came in I was greeted by many smiles and fun conversation all around. I ordered an everything "squagel" with butter and a cup of their house coffee. The "squagel" was tasty and the coffee itself did the job, but was nothing to write home about. A passable medium roast delivered from a vacuum carafe from drip. It was great catching up with friends I hadn't seen in a while and enjoying some breakfast. There were tales of long bike rides and helmet mounted pumpkins with flashing lights (see above).

Afterward I showed my friend Grace the way into DC via the LBJ Memorial Grove. It is one of my favorite detours on the way to work and a beautiful place to visit by bike. We parted ways by the Navy Merchant Marine Memorial and I continued on to work.