Me riding in the snow (Photo by Reba)

It has been a while since I last posted. Although I haven't written much, I have been doing a lot of riding. For this year's Freezing Saddles competition I rode everyday for the 79 days of the competition totaling 1,410 miles and earning 2,200 points. There were a lot of strong riders this year, and out of 264 participants, 58 rode everyday. I ended up 48th in the points competition and smashed my previous records for winter mileage.

Once again, Freezing Saddles was a lot of fun. It was great sharing in camaraderie with my fellow winter cyclists, many of whom have become my friends. It is also rewarding to earn the realization that you can do a lot more than you may have thought, and that what most people think is crazy can be a great deal of fun.