Along the Seagull Century RouteDC has somewhat of a reputation for having poorly maintained roads. This has actually been getting significantly better in the last few years, but there are still some areas that leave something to be desired.

Everyday on my morning commute, I bike up toward my office, and along the way for the last few months has been a huge pothole in my path. I knew it was there, and was fortunate enough to never fall victim to its presence, but I had a few close calls and decided on Wednesday that I would call the Mayor's call center to report the pothole. The DC Government had been advertising their war on potholes recently, so with my report of this rather large hole in the pavement I got to see first hand how they have been handling the situation.

On Wednesday around 11 AM, I made my call to the call center and within a minute or so was on the phone with an operator who took my report and gave me a tracking number. The operator was courteous and polite and didn't even ask for my name. All in all, it was a painless process.

As I rode into work this morning (less than 48 hours later) the pavement was repaired. Now that's what I call responsive government. So, if you see a pothole in DC, call 202-727-1000 or 311. They listen, and they fix it.