Me with Teammates at the Reston Tour de Cure 2008It has been a while since I have written here, and many things have happened in the interim.

On Sunday, June 8, I successfully completed the 100 km metric century of the 2008 Reston Tour de Cure. It was a particularly hot day, with the heat index reaching around 104°F. The path of the trail mostly followed the Washington and Old Dominion trail, with a few detours up some fairly significant climbs.

Along the way I had two flat tires, including one flat which had a nail go into my tire backwards! Thankfully, everything was able to be fixed and I completed the ride well within the prescribed time.

The ride would have been a lot easier if it had not been so oppressively hot. The heat definitely forced a harder effort than I was expecting. Aside from the two flats, the ride was a lot of fun. I rode with our team for the first two legs of the ride, and catching a draft in a paceline was definitely exhilirating. However, after almost 20 miles of the 20-25mph pace, the heat made me drop off the back and take a slower pace for the rest of the ride. The scenery on that section of the Washington and Old Dominion trail was quite beautiful and I'm sure I'll make my way back up there for more riding in the future.

The ride was definitely a fun time, and between firm, friends, and family I was able to raise $255 for the American Diabetes Association. Hopefully next time will be a bit cooler.