Me in front of Cherry Blossoms in DC 2008Hello once again. It has definitely been a while since I last put finger to key here. As is to be expected, I continued to commute during the winter and I'm very happy to have Spring upon us. As of this writing I'm about 920 miles into my riding since the start of the year and I'm excited about the opportunities to ride the warming weather brings.

On June 8th I'll be participating in the Tour de Cure out in Reston, VA. The tour benefits the American Diabetes Association, and I'll be part of a team. This time I'll be doing the metric century -- that's 100 kilometers, or about 63 miles. It will be a good indicator of how the winter season of riding primarily for commuting (about 15 miles a day) has impacted my ability to do longer rides -- and also a good test of my knees, which gave me trouble in last year's Seagull Century. Since then I have been injury free -- but I haven't done a lot of really long rides, so this will be very informative. I'm very much looking forward to it.

Of course, the Tour de Cure is a charity ride -- and the American Diabetes Association is a worthy cause. I'm not someone who enjoys pumping people for money, and since my team is picking up the cost of all the minimum contributions, I don't need to do so. In fact, that's why I have only done the Seagull Century in the past -- it doesn't require fund raising -- they charge you a fee and it goes to charity, but you don't have to bother others. I prefer doing things that way -- I'm happy to donate, but I don't like to tell others what to do. That being said, if you are feeling charitable and want to contribute a few bucks to a worthy cause, you can check out my page on the Tour de Cure site where you can see another snazzy photo of me, read some boilerplate text, and sponsor me as I ride. No pressure, no worries -- I'll still love you either way.

Of course, I'll be posting a full write-up afterward, so keep an eye out for that. I'll also be enjoying this fabulous weather we have been having. I hope you're enjoying it too. Now get off your computer and go for a ride.